About Us

With a legacy dating back to 1992, Paperina has consistently adhered to exacting standards, earning recognition as the superior choice for both business and creative communications. Over the years, its commitment to precision and excellence has positioned it as a hallmark of quality on an international scale. The unique touch and distinctive appearance of Paperina’s products have not only set a benchmark but have also become synonymous with the global standard for exceptional quality in the realm of paper-based communication. Renowned for its unwavering dedication to producing top-tier materials, Paperina continues to be a trusted name, celebrated for its ability to meet the highest standards of discerning clientele worldwide.

Paperina, established in 1992 by Mr. Guntur Santoso, stands out as a specialized company dedicated to the supply and distribution of premium papers sourced from overseas, catering to the evolving needs of the Indonesian market. The inception of Paperina was a response to the escalating demand for a diverse and high-quality range of printing papers, a demand spurred by the rapid development of graphic design and printing in Indonesia. As a result, the company emerged as a pivotal player in the industry, committed to meeting the requirements of a burgeoning market by offering a curated selection of top-tier printing papers, thereby contributing to the growth and enhancement of graphic design and printing practices in Indonesia.


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Started in a business center

Commencing its journey at ITC Mangga Dua, Paperina underwent significant growth and relocation in the year 2000 to Komplek Sunter Garden Blok B-9 No.3b in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since then, the company has strategically positioned itself as a leading specialist paper provider in Indonesia, a testament to its commitment to excellence. Paperina takes pride in offering a distinguished range of internationally acclaimed paper selections sourced from renowned global brands. These include Neenah Paper and Domtar Paper from the United States, Takeo Paper and Oji Paper from Japan, Garda Cartiere  and Favini from Italy, and DuPont from Luxembourg. Through its expansive and curated portfolio, Paperina not only meets the diverse paper needs of its clientele but also continues to elevate the standards of quality and innovation in the Indonesian paper market.


Providing highest service

Presently, numerous clients, from end users, advertising agencies, graphic designers, printers and publishers are enjoying excellent service by Paperina due to its commitment to provide high-quality papers at reasonable price and sufcient stock level.

Over these 30 years and yet Paperina has never forgotten our simple promise to provide the highest service levels to all our customers. We are committed to service, quality and environmental awareness. We believe in working hard to reliably meet your needs and keep your company running smoothly. It’s what we love. We’re hard at work, every day, anticipating your needs and flling them with the best in supplies and service.

Our concern is not only in providing the high-quality papers, but also the sustainability of a better nature. Therefore, Paperina takes role in maintaining the sustainability of ecosystems by completing our paper collections with the ones whichenvironmentally friendly and certifed.